Saturday, September 29, 2007

Needing Better Copywriting

Graphics -- Not enough Buddhist exotica to intrigue us, but this is fair enough for an online fundraiser, I guess.

Content -- From mysterious Bhutan (with Honk Kong and New York depositaries) comes this web version of a Buddhist alms bowl for a project to build a giant Buddha statue with 125,000 Buddha statuettes inside. This would-be eighth wonder of the world will be part of heritage preservation for the Bhutanese version of Buddhism.

Blurb: Bhutan is the eight happiest nation on the World Map of Happiness and the happiest among the less developed. A study ranks happiness status on health, wealth and education parameters. Life expectancy in this high-terrain territory is reportedly 52.4 years, but Buddha said it's not how long your body lives but how much good you do on earth. And 126,000 more statues of him would spread more good vibes all around. Sold out already?

Recommend -- We'd guess most people online don't know much about Buddhism, so your sales pitch should explain how the 126,000 goldplated figures would rank us higher on the World Map of Happiness. Hint: these days sites on Myanmar and its monks are getting the highest hits, so get with the persecution sob stories!

Rating -- 7.0

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Blogger Yellow Cake said...

Ikaw ay hindi aktibo para sa tulad ng isang mahabang oras. Ako tapat asada na ang lahat ay okay.

March 28, 2009 at 1:55 PM  

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