Saturday, August 4, 2007

Single Mom Blues

Graphics -- Two thumbs up to the summery scheme, headered by a beach scene to take us away from the daily grind. The sky blue pages bring down stress levels by 100 psi!

Content -- Vacations, separated mom blues, dreams/nightmares, weight loss woes, making a living on the net, money hassles and assorted rants. Some interesting links.

Sometimes the blogger comes up with fresh angles on these common themes. A few times times posts sound trite/redundant, in large blocks of text with no image relief.

She's into writing jobs for spare income but sometimes blows off pressure with 'talking to myself' posts that forget there's an audience and that this is not a private blog for friends and family only.

The saving grace is the brisk mile-a-minute pace that keeps up tension. And a sense of humor that stays in strong winds.

Recommend -- More attention to proofreading, and ease up on the family album pics unless there's a particularly fascinating story to go with them.

Rating -- 8.0



Blogger EC said...

hey thanks for the review!! I don't usually do the pictures in general, but we JUST got back from vacation - normally my blog doesn't look like a family photo album, lol.

I appreciate the good review though!! It made my day :)

August 6, 2007 at 2:24 PM  

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