Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blog Nursing

Graphics -- Lately overhauled for a bigger browser, to the right the roomier layout looks relaxed now that not too many ads have set in. The left bar marks the number of ex-link deals with a cascade bloglist that looks about to get out of control. The header says the blogger has no time/inclination to choose/visualize images other than his own name.

Contents -- Student male nurse life, cliche family and friends scrapbook stuff, faves and peeves, very little to raise blips on a scanner. The video posts add color but not necessarily substance because it takes study to use a medium well enough to get something striking across. Unless the point is just to plug something or someone.

The blogger has to go the distance with how not to look and sound too much like the rest of the bloggeteria lineup, but there's time.

Recommend -- Make student nursing sound eye-opening, hair-raising or what have you. Hospitals are a lode of stories, jokes and 'did you know thats' because for us outsiders 'the life medical' is not exactly an open book. Come up with more graphics if it takes raiding the morgue or setting up a ghost camera.

Rating -- 5.5



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