Saturday, August 25, 2007

Middle East jobbing

Graphics -- Local color, 'what's on my mind', snapshots good for letters home. The firing squad lineups might be balm for loneliness but not for our viewfinder.

Content -- Good to hear from MidEast workers who don't feel straitjacketed, or would posting the ankle-cuffed feelings be awkward? Is it all clean living or do we get to sneak in some affordable dirty living before we get centerfolded in the calendar of saints?

Anyway, squeaky clean can be refreshing, a seminary hangover isn't bad. Glad to meet someone, too, who likes my most fave glossy, Vanity Fair- a good salad of mudslinging and intellectual pretensions.

Recommend -- People shots are a must, so get creative and collage them, or set them up in colorful graphic collages (black and white sample shown above). Or cut off bodies and paste the heads to funny Arab constumes, whatever.

Can you hide some of the kilometric blogroll or at least break it up into clumps? A long solid line defeats spotlighting them because the eye skims and skips over same-color unfamiliar items.

Rating -- 7.0

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