Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stretch That Buck

Graphics/Layout -- A little prettier than the newsletter version on but just as pictorially 'frugal'.

Content -- Topics just like those in the newsletter formerly hosted by Pat, presented blog-style. She's a regular genius at cooking and digging up new ways to cut the cost of just about anything, one 'voice in the wilderness' of impulse buying and status spending. And she makes it sound fun.

There are helpful links like 'Learning Credit and Debt Management', 'Associated Content' and other sites listed in the sidebar. Something everyone would agree with is the post where she discusses the morality of credit card companies' granting credit to teenagers and to those already in financial trouble. Where I live, the banks deliberately send credit card bills by regular post so delivery delay racks up penalties.

Recommend -- More graphics per page and a more arresting header, specially because for the younger people frugality is a glum subject. The title 'frugal living' sounds too 'grandma' to the latest generation of big spenders and is associated with A a new blog name with more zip could get a fresh crop of visitors, name recall value aside.

Rating -- 8.0



Blogger utenzi said...

I realize I should value content over appearance--but this blog is taking that attitude too far. Get a new template! On many sites they're free, which would fit quite well with the theme of this blog.

July 15, 2007 at 2:03 PM  

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