Sunday, July 8, 2007

Review: The Utenzi Blog

Graphics -- Going through the avocado green (the most restful color for the eye) pages is like rafting down a lazy river, and everyone will enjoy this blog for its lush imagery.

Content -- The blogger takes the middle road between posting personal items in the first person (snore-inducing if you're not Paris Hilton) and straight third person feature reports (can get impersonal).

His engaging journal-style narrative starts out chatty, moves on to the lecture part and ends up back to earth with comments inviting response. This makes his science and review posts readable. Other bloggers should learn how to pull this off. For instance, inflicting your wedding anniversary photos on the audience takes craft, like telling an intriguing story behind the story to keep them onsite. Take note, firing-squad shot posters out there.

Back to Utenzi, there are down-home style book, movie and product reviews, stock market tips, science news, local weather and health reports. I'm not sure if the mention of irritable bowel syndrome will sit well with my lunch at the keyboard. Content aside, what would move the visitor to open other posts is the glorious photography.

Recommend -- Moving the 'recent posts' and 'archives' buttons to page bottom so we don't have to scroll back up to jump to other pages.

Rating -- 9.7



Blogger utenzi said...

Thank you for the generous review. I'd have probably rated a bit lower if you saw my blog this week since I changed the color scheme to a khaki one. I tend to fiddle with the site a lot.

I hadn't considered the issue of needing to get to archives from the bottom of the page before. What I think I'll do to ease navigation in that regard is add a button or link to jump back to the top of the page. Thanks for the suggestion! (and sorry about the IBS post)

July 9, 2007 at 10:49 AM  

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