Wednesday, July 4, 2007

introspection and rants

Graphics /Layout -- Generic but pleasant enough, relieved by mom blog pics and Americana.

Content --Baked beans, camping trips, Hershey Park - highlights in the life of a middle class American working mom. Bland and safe, nothing jolts or surprises except maybe the cost of pet care in the US.

Thankfully there's no slobbering over kids or torturing the viewer with full page spreads of the last family vacation. This is a picture of a woman at peace with herself, serene yet in control of her life in an affuent society where marriage doesn't take away a woman's individuality.

Recommend -- Can't think of what would spice up this journal (short of a Desperate Housewives turn of events) to make it stand out from the rest of the mommy blogs, except maybe some more local color. I found some pressed leaf jewelry (photo above}. A header with some New England in it might seem stereotypical to you, Merrie, but not to an international audience. Some local seafood recipes might be nice.

Rating -- 8.0

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