Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Review: Atomic Girl

Blog reviewed: Atomic Girl

Graphics/Layout - Don't care what they say about purple, the lavender skin grabs me! So does the big bold color headline. And ads above the headline feel better than those below. Less anticlimactic.

Contents - Some links feel like City Hall where you're shuttled from cubicle to cubicle then asked to come back an hour later. But this is better than having large ads splat in your face.

Contentwise, we wish there was more substance here for those not in the blogger's circle of friends and family. For what it's worth, the blog is a window into the mind of someone who's been prematurely shunted into a major life change. And disappointed at having some dreams compromised, but trying to bounce back.

Recommend - Go easy on the pics of friends and family even if they're your support system because nobody besides you cares about them.

You could focus a little more on general-appeal content.

Rating - 7.5

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