Sunday, June 3, 2007

the michaelangelo in you

Never got an A in art class? Don't you believe them. When part of our house burned down and we had to choose between a) getting an architect or contractor who'd add 30-40% to the real cost and b) brazenly trying to do it with just a foreman , I chose 'b'. I read up on design basics, went up and down the net and stocked up on design mags.
This was to avoid strangling the people in 'a' for dumping scrap from their warehouses on us at regular charges. Where I live, hardware stores ask if you'd like the standard size steel bars which would be a number higher than the old.
And the animals in 'a' could tweak someone else's house plans and bill us to high heaven for these. That would've left them in a coma for five years after I stuffed their plans up their buttholes.
While the work was going on I had to start on making over old furniture or having new ones made. You know, a room can appear smaller or more spacious depending on the furnishings. Notice how most store items would leave your average casa with enough room to swing a mouse in?
And I had found workmen who could work on simple wood and iron furniture and house trim. Oh, okay, bottom line - the budget. Bit by bit I'll upload pix of the results. and I hope you'll send me some of yours, too for comment. See you!

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Blogger funny said...

Hi! Interesting article. I never thought that I could really be an active part in the making of our house. I always thought that I only had to depend on everything to others. Good tip. I will now see to it that my specs are followed.

June 3, 2007 at 4:32 PM  

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