Sunday, June 17, 2007

In focus: Charles' Thoughts and Blogs

Blog being reviewed: Charles' Thoughts and Blogs

This five-month old blog is one guy's personal catch-all bin confessional that takes readers into his work routine, highs and lows, etc.

Graphics: mostly album photos of travels and excursions. Could be interesting if I knew the people in them.

Content: The blog starts out fun. The items on politicians were really entertaining. Later there's a shift to "true confessions" but he's no serial killer or grandma rapist, so what's new? We want tabloid dirt!

Dong, all of us have lost phones, so we could use like, a really electrifying new angle on this, you know, the old human interest bit? Johnny Depp's or Brad Pitt's publicists work harder than that, k? The good news: Like all Cebuanos, you'd be a hit at political commentary.

Recommend -- Change your blog theme to : the real bottom line ugly stinking truth about your fav politicians and celebrities. Let us know when!

Rating: 8.0

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