Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Decor Answers for Small Room Problems, contd.

This is the "pictorial" grillwork we put in (they cost less than a mural!) with the retractable screens outside. The concrete wall outside looked like Bilibid Prison before we put in plants and bird feeders made out of GI sheets leftover from gutter construction.

Decor Solutions

1) Keep it simple and serene, use calm colors. For the color scheme you want we suggest:

-- light gray for the 6m walls, light blue gray for the 2.5m walls. The blue gray
comes out slightly darker and will even out the slightly elongated room shape.

-- baseboards, cornices, doors, windows and their jambs, same color as the
2.5m walls. If the windows and doors are on the 2.5m walls they'll have to be the color of the 6m wall for contrast.

--the ceiling can be off-white or lightest gray. If yours is plain the lowest-cost
trick to dress it up is to put together lawanit (fiberboard) moldings in a pattern
you like (may be a rectangle, diamond or freeform shape) and stick them on before painting.

Test to see if the lawanit bears up under your paint. If not, ask at the paint store
for a protective primer before the moldings go up.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmn light gray & blue... i'l try dat.. hey ur sample pics has a dog... nice doggy

June 26, 2007 at 1:58 PM  

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