Sunday, June 3, 2007

blog that defines gayness

Scoop: bryanboy's blog

If you haven't read it yet, welcome back to this constellation. This gay-type blog shows us that trashy selling makes for more visitors than more sedate sites. Using "trash" to describe this popular site can't be avoided because it's the main content of this blogger's site. You can't go any lower than the screaming pages of bryanboy's output, in the non-porno league.

Outrageous vulgarity is the name of his game, and he's way too self-engrossed to think of public opinion. He seems juiced up with chemicals that make him lose all sense of proportion. It's a fun site, though. His lack of inhibition can be hilarious after you get over the shock. It can be addicting. He must sell a bundle.

The lay-out's certainly not monotonous. Content, hmmm....yes, he does have content for targeted audiences. Language, well, errrr....may need a little disinfectant. His talent shows, but the style could turn off some audiences.
Rating? 8.5



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