Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blog Review: Wentle's Sojourn and Thoughts

Blog reviewed: Wentle's Sojourn and Thoughts

Graphics/layout - A little bare (still under construction?). Not much of a header, no blogger's info, etc. The blog displays only a few personal posts recently started. The staging will need some serious attention from the blogger, before your eyelids will lift a millimeter.

Content - Another mishmash of entries with the grand theme of 'how my week went' segueing to 'how my weekend went' replete with whining, gasping, and squealing.

Style - Fourteen year old manic attack?

Recommend - Change display ratio of brain activity to: 70% left brain, 30% right brain. Get a friend to help with your site, if things are that hectic.

Rating - 5.

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